Monday, April 28, 2014

Roller Setting Relaxed Hair with Nutress Wrap Guard Foam Wrap

Nutress Wrap Guard Foam WrapThis weekend I tweaked my roller setting regimen a bit by using a new product. I purchased the Nutress Wrap Guard Foam Wrap from my local Walgreens and thought I would give it a try with my rollers on Saturday.
This foam wrap does everything it claims on the bottle. There were no flakes, left my hair soft, and I had pretty fast drying time in spite of other leave-ins applied.

So here is a quick step by step of how I roller set my hair using the Nutress Foam Wrap.

Wash Phase

1. I pre-treated my hair with Coconut Oil overnight (Friday night).
2. The next morning I co-washed with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration conditioner
3. I deep conditioned for 30 minutes (with heat) with ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner (light protein).
4. I rinsed the ORS conditioner out very well with cool water.
5. I lightly sprayed my hair with the Aphogee Keratin Green Tea Reconstructor.

Style Phase

1. I applied Almond Oil to my wet hair
2. I followed up with the Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Leave in conditioner
3. Using the Mohawk Method, I parted my hair in five sections
4. I applied the Nutress Foam Wrap to each section.  
5. Nearby was a spray bottle of water to keep my hair damp.
6. Using the Diane Mesh Plastic Rollers (Love these rollers!!!), I sectioned my hair to install the rollers. I detangeled with a wide tooth comb, smoothed each section of hair with a smaller tooth comb.
7. After all rollers where installed, I sat under the dryer for 45 minutes and these are the results...

roller setting relaxed hair
See how my gray hair is taking over! Let my research on Henna continue! :D Stay Tuned!

The Nutress Foam Wrap left my hair very soft and flowy! My curls were more loose than normal, but I love curls with length. I received compliments all day about the style and also on how long and thick my hair is getting!

The Lord is blessing me with growing hands, but I'm still waiting on those "styling hands". Lol... So, when I walk out of my own bathroom with salon results I am beyond excited!

I purchased the Nutress Foam Wrap for around $5. It may be available in your local Sally's beauty store, on Amazon or you can purchase directly from

If you have any questions or comments, please post them below. Click here to watch my roller setting video using oil, conditioner, and water...always tweaking. ;)

Have a Happy Hair Day Ladies!

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  1. Your results absolutely look professional, such shine and gloss! I love this style!