Monday, April 21, 2014

Two Methods That Help Me With Wash Day Detangling

Saturday April 12th, 2014, I had a frustrating experience with tangles. At the time I was only 8 weeks post relaxer and since I have learned how to manage my new growth, 8 weeks should have been easy; but not so.

I was perplexed, confused, and did not have an extra hour in my day to comb through tangled hair.

I headed back for the shower to co-wash with my Herbal Essence Hello Hydration conditioner. This conditioner usually gives me a lot of slip and since I didn't have much time I prayed that this would help.

Co-washing made detangling a little bit easier, but my plans to roller set my hair went out the window. I pulled out the blow dryer and my new Amika flat iron (which I love so dearly), and officially ended my no heat stretch at 5 months.

After blow drying and flat ironing all was well with my hair world again. It was a rough day, but I made it through. :D

The only thing I could recall doing differently was how I moisturized my hair throughout the week before wash day. I strayed away from my staple Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter moisturizer to use some other moisturizers I had on hand (S-Curl & Hawaiian Silky) .

Honestly I just wanted to use them up, but instead I will be giving them away. They are good products, but it is important to stick with the products our hair loves best.

So my first method to combating detangling on wash day was to moisturize and seal with the Elasta QP again. If I go into a wash day with well moisturized hair, it makes detangling a nice cool breeze. I didn't realize before how a good daily moisturizer can really enhance your wash day experience!

The second method I used for combating excessive tangling was given by Jay from

Normally I wait until the end of my wash regimen to detangle. She recommends running a comb through the hair after cleansing (while rinsing), when rinsing out your deep conditioner, and again after applying your leave-ins... when your hair is 95 to 100% dry. Read her full post here.

I applied both methods and had an excellent tangle free wash day this weekend at 9 weeks posts and counting!

My hair is super soft and manageable.

God bless!

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