Thursday, May 8, 2014

To Claim or Not To Claim Arm Pit Length (APL)

I will be getting a trim next week and thought maybe I should take some shots to see if my hair has reached APL (arm pit length). So I took some impromptu shots this morning, pulling my curls down and seeing where I would measure up.

Length has never been something I have obsessed about. Health has always mattered more to me. Still, I like to check my length because it helps me gauge a certain measure of how healthy my hair and scalp are.

I had an inkling last week that possibly I have reached my goal of APL, but I have gone back and forth on whether or not I should claim it.

You see I am not what they call, "full" arm pit length. The back of my hair grows in somewhat of a "U" shape and only the bottom of the "U" reaches APL.

So should I claim APL or wait until my hair is APL straight across the board?

I plan on washing and air drying my hair in the next day or so. I will have my husband take better pics and I will post a video to my channel.

After much thought, I updated my profiles on Hairlista and K.I.S.S. to say that I am APL. Why?

Although I am not full APL, I don't see any reason not to claim and celebrate where I am today!

My hair has never been this long in my entire life and I have struggled something fierce over the last year and a half of my healthy hair journey.

I have had to get two major cuts, more trims than I desired, and had a setback with breakage due to medications and a color treatment back in 2013.

So yes, I am going to claim my APL! For all the late nights I wanted to go straight to bed, but moisturized and sealed my hair first instead. For all the hours of air drying and for all the nights sleeping in flexirods to get heatless curls.... I am claiming it! :)

My next goal length is "FULL" APL and then we'll see where we go from there.

How do you measure the length of your hair? Is length important to you?

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