Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Add Some Rest To Your “Relax”ation

When I get my hair relaxed, the relaxer is adding stress to my strands in order to achieve a straighter texture that will last. So, two weeks before and two weeks after I get a relaxer I keep hair manipulation to a minimum and let my hair rest.

My R&R relaxer routine includes low manipulation styles and protective styles. Low manipulation styles are styles that require minimum handling.

Protective styles are styles that keep the oldest parts of our hair, the ends, tucked away and protected from clothing, wind, rain, sun and anything else that could be damaging.

Styling my hair in such a way that requires minimum day to day maintenance allows my hair to rest before the relaxer, and to recover well after the relaxer.

Rest for my hair also means no direct heat, no excessive re-twisting and re-braiding, very little combing, and keeping wash days simple yet effective. I have learned over time that I get the best relaxer results when I leave my hair alone for awhile and stray away from hair tools, accessories, and styles that could cause my hair to become too weak to take the relaxer process.

Before and after my relaxer treatments I incorporate protein treatments to strengthen my hair since the relaxer is breaking down the natural protein bonds of the hair shaft.  Rest and low manipulation allows the protein conditioning treatments to restore my hair freely without interference.

Adding rest to my “relax”ation process also gives my scalp a chance rest. You do not want to do a lot of combing, pulling, and brushing at the scalp right before getting a relaxer. This could cause scalp irritation during the relaxer process.

Over all I baby my hair and treat it very gently near relaxer time. It has paid off well to let it lay, breath, and truly relax.

Happy Hair Growing!


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