Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Hair Feels Lush! #CoconutOilChallenge Week Two Update!

As I head into the third week of Hairlista's Coconut Oil Challenge, I can already see a change...Hallelujah! :D

I shouldn't be surprised to get such lush and rich results from using a product that is organic and God-given. Over the last week I have received so many compliments regarding the thickness, length, and softness of my hair. 

I give credit to the hair journey in general, but incorporating coconut oil to my regimen the way I have has been the icing on the cake. 

Even after running in 70 and 80 degree temperatures, my hair holds up wonderfully. It retains its moisture and softness. I let down my pony tail and it falls right back into its roller-wrapped style. This never happens!

The advanced level of the challenge calls for two deep conditions with coconut oil each week. This has probably been the most difficult part of the challenge. Usually I am either too busy, too tired, or both. Yet, the sacrifice of an extra deep condition is amazing.

On top of the basic requirements for the challenge, I have also been sealing my hair with coconut oil at least four days a week. I do it lightly, but it still holds in the moisture well.

Here is a quick review of my coconut oil challenge regimen and coconut oil benefits!

Coconut Oil Benefits

1. Coconut is easy to find and all natural (Use organic, unrefined coconut oil)
2. Conditions Hair
3. Decreases Shedding
4. Promotes Hair Growth
5. Fights Against Dandruff and Other Scalp Issues
6. Prevents Breakage
7. Prevents Split Ends

In order to comply with the advanced level of the challenge, I have put together the following regimen for this challenge.

My Summer Regimen With Coconut Oil

Tuesday & Saturday
  • Apply coconut oil to hair and scalp for 1 hour or longer before washing hair...(include scalp massage)
  • Add 2 teaspoons of coconut oil to my moisturizing deep conditioner...sit under heated dryer for 20 minutes
Monday & Wednesday & Friday
  • Apply coconut oil lightly to scalp only and massage
  • Moisturize hair and seal lightly with coconut oil

Do you incorporate coconut oil in your hair regimen? 

Happy Hair Growing, Love, and Blessings!

~ Candra

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