Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Roller Setting Lotion Cocktail Mix

First, let me say, "My name is Candra Evans and I am a hair product junkie." (Smile)

My hair pantry is filled with conditioners, setting lotions, oils, and such. So in light of that, it is easy for me to play the mixologist with hair products.

For those hair products that did not work well on their own, I sometimes mix them with other products to make a better product! If you have a stash of this and that, and you want to use them up, hair cocktails can be fun to try.

Disclaimer: Before mixing products it is very important to read the ingredients of each individual hair product. Understand what each product is formulated to do on its own before mixing them together. Make sure that the end product is offering something that meets your hair needs. 

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Now for my new roller setting lotion cocktail mix!

My hair is severely dry so I have spent months searching for the perfect setting lotion for my hair. Products that others raved about just wasn't working for me. I did not try every setting lotion on the market but I tried enough to give up.

So for awhile I abandoned setting lotions and only used conditioner and jojoba oil. Using a conditioner and oil helped with maintaining some softness, but my curls fell pretty quickly.

So back to the drawing board I went. But, it wasn't cost effective to keep buying one brand of setting lotion after the other. I have enough half filled bottles in my pantry.

So, I searched YouTube (naturally) to see if other ladies were having the same issue. Maybe I could use something I already have in stock. I found a video by YouTuber loulaysious. I took her setting lotion recipe and adjusted it based on what I had in my hair pantry.

I believe this cocktail works for my hair because each product focuses on either moisture or hold… two things that I was desperately lacking in my roller sets.

Using a plastic water spray bottle…

I filled 3/8 of the bottle with Softsheen Carson Dark and Lovely Healthy-Gloss 5 Leave-In Treatment
I filled 1/4 of the bottle with Nutress Wrap-Guard Foam Wrap Lotion
I filled 1/8 of the bottle with Lusti Organics Olive Oil Detangling Spray
I filled the rest (1/4) of the bottle with water 

The Dark and Lovely Leave-In Treatment and Nutress Foam Wrap can be found in stores or online. I purchased the Lusti Organics Olive Oil Detangling Spray at the Dollar Tree.

The Pros…

My hair stays very moisturized and soft after my hair is dry (Healthy Gloss 5 leave-in treatment)
Detangling and smoothing each section with my comb is easy (detangling spray)
My curls are smooth and defined (foam wrap lotion)
My hair has a lot of body and movement

The Con…

My drying time seems to take an extra 15 to 20 minutes compared to using only water and conditioner…but in exchange for soft hair that is not dry and breaking the next day, I can live with that.

If you do not have these exact products in your stash, I would assume that comparable products would have similar results. The key is defining what your hair needs to achieve the desired result, and identifying what products are formulated to meet the need.

The total ounces of the leave-in treatment, wrap lotion, detangling spray and water combined will ensure that I will not run out of setting lotion any time soon. More money saved!

Overall I am relieved and happy that I can achieve the roller set that I have always wanted! No more dry roller sets!

Blessings and Happy Mixing!


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  1. I'm juiced! Great post. I was about to clean the bathroom. But I'm going to do my hair instead! Bathroom can wait lol!

  2. Haha.. thanks! Let me know how it goes!

  3. Gorgeous curls Candra! How do you get your roots straight when you roller set?

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Thank you! Keep in mind that my hair is more on the fine side. So to get my roots straighter, I smooth each section of my saturated, wet hair from the root and pull my hair very taught when rolling. I secure the roller so that it is stretching my new growth (but not too tight). I'll sit under high heat for awhile and then lower it to cool. If I am going for a straighter look, I remove the rollers and wrap my hair smoothly. I then sit under the dryer for a few more minutes and my roots lay down pretty well that way too. I only stretch my relaxers for 12 to 14 weeks, so I don't know if this would work for me after 14 weeks post. :) Thanks again!