Sunday, July 27, 2014

30 Day Ceramides Challenge Results ~ July 2014

These are the final days of the 30 Day Ceramide Challenge hosted by Jen from and Divachyk from

It's going to be a busy week for me so I thought I would post my results a few days in advance.

My choice oil has been sunflower oil and I opted to incorporate it into my regimen by sealing with it daily.

I am currently doing a coconut oil challenge as well, so this was the best way to tackle both challenges.

My results have been amazing! The greatest benefits I've seen in the last couple of weeks have been continued shine and strength.

I am able to detangle my hair and just plain play in it without breakage. This is wonderful considering I am 10 weeks post relaxer!

It wasn't until I saw this challenge on Divachyk's blog that I become more familiar with ceramides.

Thanks to a recommendation from Divachyk, I just received an order of hemp seed oil from Amazon, so I will continue to use ceramide rich oils in my regimen.

The sunflower oil has strengthened my hair from the inside out, so I am a believer in the benefit of ceramides!

Watch my short video below to get a better view of my hair today!

Blessings and HHJ!



  1. Hi Candra, girl....I'm so glad you're in love with ceramides and found a way to merge the world of coconut and ceramides! I don't have much experience with sunflower oil but you know I'm all in love with wheat germ and hemp though. I hope you love hemp as well. Thank you for linking up with us and giving us an awesome recap.

    1. Thank you for posting such great information! Today is wash day for me and I'll be doing my first oil rinse and I'll be using hemp oil! I'm so excited! Haha