Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Coconut Oil and Honey Lemon Facial Scrub ~ DIY In July

Last week I shared my DIY Almond and Coconut Oil Cake body scrub. Thank you all so much for the questions, comments, and retweets!

Today I am celebrating DIY in July by making my favorite facial scrub. 

The makeup of this scrub is very cleansing and moisturizing for my combination skin. Other than my t-zone (which can be extremely oily), I tend to have normal to dry skin.

This recipe is fairly common but most importantly, it's easy. It is very likely that you can find these ingredients already in your kitchen. So let's get started!

Coconut Oil Lemon Honey Facial Scrub
Use organic, extra virgin, all natural products for best results.

The Ingredients You Will Need:

1. Honey - Honey is a natural humectant that is rich in antioxidants. The honey will draw moisture to your skin and keep the moisture locked in. Honey also helps our skin fight against signs of aging. Not that you or I have to worry about that. ;)

2. Lemon Juice - The combination of the lemon juice and honey together helps make this scrub beneficial for all skins types, oily to dry. While the honey hydrates, the juice from the lemon removes excess oil from the skin. Lemon juice will leave your skin bright and its healing properties can reduce the appearance of scars.

3. Coconut Oil - Coconut oil is optional here but I cannot do without it. Coconut oil was a skin savior during the harsh cold temperatures we had last winter. I had random dry patches on my face and coconut oil was the only thing I had in my skin care stash that gave my skin relief. Coconut oil moisturizes and makes my skin extremely soft. It has anti-fungal properties and fights against signs of aging. Good-bye wrinkles!

4. Brown Sugar - This is also optional. If you omit the brown sugar and apply the mix of coconut oil, lemon, and honey, you will still have a lovely facial mask. I like to add a bit of brown sugar to get some exfoliating action going. This gives my face a clean fresh feeling. I prefer the brown over white sugar or salt, because it feels less harsh on my face.

Mix together...

~ 1/2 of a large lemon
~ 1 1/2 tablespoons of honey
~ 1 teaspoon of coconut oil

Stir in about 1 teaspoon of brown sugar.

Make sure all of your ingredients are blended well before applying to face.

Your facial scrub is complete! This is easy, fast, and incredibly inexpensive!

I evenly distribute the scrub on my face with my fingers and give my skin a gentle massage. I let the scrub sit for a minute or two and rinse with cool water. Rinsing your face with water that is too hot or too cold could be damaging to your skin. Gently pat your face dry and enjoy your beautiful skin!



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