Thursday, July 3, 2014

The 30 Day Ceramides Challenge with Just Grow Already & Relaxed Thairapy

Yes, I am joining another challenge for the summer! 

It is the 30 Day Ceramide Challenge hosted by “Just Grow Already” and “Relaxed Thairapy”.

The challenge is less involved than Hairlista’s Coconut Oil Challenge. To participate all you have to do is incorporate ceramides into your hair regimen either by sealing with oil, hot oil treatments, or using a conditioner that contains ceramides.

The link to both host blogs are below and you can sign up there!

After reading about the ceramide challenge I decided to do more research on ceramides. Honestly I had never heard of the term before and had no idea how ceramides can be beneficial for my hair.

Science is not my thing so I am going to explain the importance of ceramides in the simplest way possible. See link below for further research.

A single hair strand consists of layers. Our bodies naturally produce fatty materials (oil) within the inner layers. Ceramides are these fatty materials found in the hair fiber. 

Ceramides act as glue and cement together the layers of the cuticle making our hair strong. Ceramides also act as boundaries to prevent loss in moisture.

Relaxers, color treatments, and over manipulation can destroy and deplete our naturally produced ceramides. If this happens we will see damaged strands that are dry, brittle, and breaking. 

Protein treatments help to build and repair the structure of our hair. However, incorporating ceramide rich products into our regimen is also important. They replace natural ceramides depleted by chemical processing and excessive manipulation, and binds together again the layers of the cuticle. 

I don't know how I have gone two years into my hair journey and not known about this, but I am glad to finally be in the know. This is a challenge I don't think I can afford pass up!

Ceramide Rich Oils (Ceramides have a high level of linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid) and so do the following oils.)

Grapeseed Oil
Hemp Oil
Poppyseed Oil
Sunflower Oil 
Safflower Oil
Wheat Germ
Rice Bran
Corn Oil
Cottonseed Oil

Sunflower is my oil of choice for the challenge. It is inexpensive and readily available in my local grocery. I will seal with Sunflower oil daily. 

Companies like Kanachom, L’Oreal, and Biolage produce ceramide formulated shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in treatments. Since I have not tried these products I will not make recommendations but I am sure you can easily do some Google searching to find reviews that may help you find a product that just might work for you.

Interested in joining the challenge? 

Read more about Ceramides here!

Blessings and Happy Hair Growing!

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