Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Relaxer Update 3. Hair Growth. Hair Health Challenges.

Relaxed Hair Relaxer Update
Relaxer Update

August 29th, 2014 I relaxed my hair at 15 weeks post. Overall I had a successful stretch and my visit to the salon was wonderful. Primarily because I got to rest and let someone else tackle this hair. (Smile)

My stylist uses the Design Essentials relaxer. She moves quickly with the application leaving my scalp in good shape and my hair with some texture (texlaxed).

Hair Growth Goals

View my video below to review my current hair length (starting at 5:04). I retained more length on the sides than in the back, but this is no surprise. I wore my hair out a lot this stretch and my ends were well exposed to the sun, wind, and my clothing.

My new hair growth goal is to retain two inches of growth between now and the Christmas holiday. This means more hair challenges and more protective styling (wearing my hair in styles that does not expose my ends).

Gaining two inches also means that the back of my hair will be BSL (Bra strap length)! I can't even believe I just typed those words! Haha!

Upcoming Hair Health Challenges

There is a "Thickness" challenge coming up on Hairlista and a "30 Days of Moisture" challenge with Relaxed Thairapy and Just Grow Already. You ladies know that I am all in!

There are more challenges out there but I will focus on these two to start.

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Blessings and Happy Hair Journey!


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  1. Hi Candra!!! Congrats to you on the growth & achieving lengths that you've never reached. How exciting! Thank you for following our challenge and I wish you all the best on this upcoming stretch.

    1. Thank you Jay! In the beginning I wasn't sure if this whole healthy hair journey thing would work for me. But a good regimen, time, and patience proved me wrong! :)