Thursday, October 2, 2014

30 Day Hair Health Challenges Endings and Beginnings

I participated in yet another challenge... hosted by Just Grow Already and RelaxedThairapy!

30 Days of Moisture Challenge (September 2014)

Dry hair used to be a consistent problem for me. In the past it hindered my hair from growing beyond shoulder length. Behind dryness follows split ends and breakage. All hair grows but if it is splitting and breaking at the same time, you will barely see a difference in the length of your hair.

I used the following techniques to achieve ultimate moisture during the 30 moisture day challenge. One or two of them are a bit out of the ordinary and probably #teamtoomuch. Haha…

1. Bunning

I did more protective styling the last 30 days which allowed me to moisturize and seal my hair daily without worry of having weighed down hair. When my hair is in an updo, I can be liberal with product without compromising style. My moisturizers of choice were rosewater, Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter, and Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In.

2. Deep Conditioning with Coconut Oil

I implemented this into my regimen during Hairlista’s coconut oil challenge. Coconut oil added to my deep conditioners makes my hair incredibly soft and eliminated brittle hair.

3. Hydrating throughout the day with water

On the days I wore my hair down and straight, I frequently hydrated my hair with water. Every few hours I’d go to the sink (at home or work), place my hands under running water, rub the water in my hands (shaking off access H2O) and apply to my hair like a product. It was just enough hydration to soften up hair and keep my ends moisturized. #TeamTooMuch ;)

4. Moisturizing and Green House Effect Under My Hats

Last winter I did a video on how I moisturize, seal, and wrap my hair under hats. I leave a little bang out in the front, but the rest of my hair is hid away. We had a few cool days here in Ohio, so this worked perfect! 

This was a great way lock in moisture and even do the green house effect (GHE) during day while running errands. I GHE by sealing with either sunflower oil, almond oil, JBCO, or hemp seed oil to my hair. I then place a shower cap over my hair to trap in heat. You can do all of this under an amazingly cute hat and the world will never know! :) 

So what challenges am I beginning and continuing in October?

Over all, I am beyond satisfied with all the challenges I have participated in thus far in 2014. My hair has grown like never before! 

Blessings and Happy Hair Journey!


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  1. Thank you so very much for showing us some love and participating in our challenge!!!!