Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Moisturizing Roller Wrap Setting Lotion And Leave In Mix

roller wrap setting lotion
Some of you know that all summer I have been experimenting with various mixes to create the perfect roller setting lotion for my relaxed hair...that tends to get very dry. Traditional setting lotions make my hair a bit too hard and brittle.

One of my go-to styles is the roller wrap. To achieve this look, roller setting my relaxed hair is a great alternative to flat ironing. In a nut shell, I roller set my hair with large rollers, sit under a warm hooded dryer, remove the rollers, and wrap my hair.

The mix I feature in the video below is an affordable and perfect setting lotion for my hair. I call it a leave in as well because after washing (except for using the Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer) this is the only product I leave in my hair.

If I want to achieve tight curls with a lot of hold, I substitute the rosewater ingredient for some Lottabody setting lotion.

After removing my rollers, I wrap my hair and go to bed. The next morning when I comb my hair down, I have a straight wrapped style with a lot of body, softness, and moisture!

Watch this short video for my updated semi DIY roller setting lotion recipe!

If you have roller setting tips, questions or comments leave them down below!

Blessings and Happy Hair Journey Ladies! 


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