Thursday, June 4, 2015

June Plans for Candra’s Hair

Hey everyone!

I decided that I wanted to post monthly plans for my hair.

At this stage of my hair journey I feel confident about my hair care regimen and even styling, believe it or not. Lol 

So I’m ready to take my hair journey to the next level.

The next level for me involves simplifying my regimen and making my wash day process flow more quickly. I’m getting too old for 8 hour wash days! J

So I’ll be trying out shorter deep conditioning times with heat. I want to nail down which deep conditioner or what combo of deep conditioning ingredients will effectively condition my hair in a shorter time! I’ll keep ya posted so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Another plan for the month of June is to visit a new salon. I’m not sure just yet if I want to visit a small business or make a second trip to the Ulta Salon.

I’ve seen some not so good reviews of the Ulta Salon on YouTube, but I had a good experience a few years ago. I’m looking to do a blowout and flat iron for my trip to St. Louis in a few weeks.

My last major hair plan for the month is to take my love for coconut oil to another level. In the past I was not a fan of sealing my hair with coconut oil, but I want to give it another go.

My hair loves this oil so much, so I am going to modify the amount of oil I use for daily sealing. I’ll also be adding coconut oil into a few skin care products. Using coconut oil on my leaves my skin moisturized and soft but coconut oil alone gives me too much shine.

Sunday, June 7th I will be launching my new blog site! This blog site will remain up but again I'm ready to expand and grow on this journey. :) I'm super excited to make changes in my hair life and blogging world. So excited that I may not be able to wait until Sunday to launch!!!

So to recap….

June Plans
      Simplify Weekly Hair Routine
 Find best deep conditioning treatment for shorter conditioning times
Seal with coconut oil
Add coconut oil to skin care products (cleansers/moisturizers) 
Launch new blog combining my love for coconut oil and beauty ;)

Thanks for stopping by and catching up on what’s happening with my hair.

Love you to life! God bless!