My Relaxed Hair Q&A

Hair Texture? Texlaxed (Relaxed)

Natural Hair Type? 4b/4c

Natural Hair Color? Salt and Pepper. I have always had premature gray but here lately God has added a bit more salt to the mix. :) This year (2014) I started coloring my hair black with henna and indigo powders. It is 100% chemical free and I have had great success. My first application was in the spring and I just colored my hair again in November.

First Relaxer? Age 12, I believe.

Salon or Box Relaxer? I have done both but today I refuse to use a box relaxer unless I am able to pass it over to a professional stylist. I don’t trust myself. :)

The start of my healthy hair journey? November 22nd, 2012

Hair length at the start of my hair journey? Should Length

My current hair length? Grazing APL (arm pit length)
What is the longest my hair has ever been? Grazing APL (arm pit length) :D

Set Backs? Oh yes! I have had minor ones and one major setback in April, 2013. My hair was falling out in my hands in HUGE clumps. Every wash day for about four weeks was filled with tears. But to God be the glory for teaching me how to heal the issue and start growing again!

Do I plan to transition to my natural hair? At some point, yes, but I have no plans to do so in the near future. My current hair journey is to see how healthy I can grow my hair by texlaxing, and doing so very sparingly.

What is my goal length? It is tentatively BSL (bra strap length), but lately I am less concerned with length, and focusing more on health. After all, if my hair is healthy, it will grow.

Do I color my hair? Not since my setback in 2013. I plan to use the natural method of Henna and Indigo to color my hair black. Now that I am on a hair journey, relaxing and coloring my hair with chemicals is not an option for me. Some ladies can do it successfully, but not this one.  

What is the most extreme thing I have done on my hair journey? Once, I kept a cup of water at my desk. I dabbed my fingertips into the water and moisturize the ends of my hair all day. Don't judge me. Hahaha! :)

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment anywhere on the blog or email me at! I will answer them and add them to this page!

Happy Hair Growing and Blessings!


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