Welcome to Relaxed Hair Beauty

Welcome to the Relaxed Hair Beauty Blog!

As an African American women, information about how to properly care for my hair and skin has not always been readily available to me.

For years I settled with the myth that black hair "only" grows healthy if it is in your genes. For most of my life I believed that myth along with several others about black hair and skin.  As a result I lived for many years with unhealthy hair, itchy scalp, and neglected skin.

In the fall of 2012, I found healthy hair Vloggers on YouTube, both natural and relaxed. I subscribed to I think all of them! I was so inspired by their hair journeys that I made a decision to embark upon my own healthy hair journey. Today, I know so much more about maintaining a healthy scalp and growing healthy hair.

Before My Hair Journey

After..and still journeying on.

My journey to healthier hair opened doors to interest in skin care, making my own beauty products using natural ingredients, and healthy eating.

As a woman of God, my ultimate desire is to possess a beautiful soul and spirit that radiates the love of God. To that vision I have added the passion of beautifying the shell that houses the greatest part of me.

Never will my hair or skin surpass the value of who I am inside. Never will it define the heart in me. Still, I love this journey of learning to look as good on the outside as I feel on the inside.

It is all about presenting my best self from the inside, out. And I want to share all that I have learned about relaxed hair and skin care with you!

Stay tuned for updates on my relaxed hair journey, product reviews, tutorials, skin regimen, and my DIY beauty products (scrubs, moisturizers, body butter, and more).

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